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We aim to provide you the best service, high quality and good price.

” The most beloved people to Allah are those who are most beneficial to people.

Prophet Mohamed Said

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Our Services

Online system

Manage your students, teachers and admins, classes, payments, and cancellations.

WordPress Design

Design your academy with attractive design and get dynamic website.

Online payaments

Different ways to receive payments from students, cash, balance, paypal and visa.

Users mails

Internal and external mails between the teachers and students, with website notifications. 

Our features

Features / 01

All the users(student & teacher & admin) have different dashboard, so they can manage every thing from their dashboard

Features / 02

Online calendar with amazing features to display the classes in different colors depends the changes happen with the classes, also it displays the classes information


Features / 03

A complete system to calculate the student’s fees and teacher’s salary, in addition the calculation system calculate depends the classes status 



Azlal Online System is an online management system special for Arabic and Quran online websites, we designed it to help the owner for these websites to manage everything smoothly and with saving time and money, the system able to put teachers, students, classes, gains under control.

Lowest price
Different packages depends your ability.

Our customers

The system design and development are very smooth.